1. A REALLY structured professional salsa class

  2. Videos of unrivaled precision with clear and detailed explanations

  3. Focus on your strengths and save time

  4. All of your movements become connected

  5. Your guiding : delicately mastered. Your partners will love it.

  6. Systematic decryption of all false ideas         

  7. Dozens of tips and secrets to make a difference                     

  8. Everything you will not find in your regular classes and which you miss        

  9. Compete with audacity and finesse with the best dancers                 

  10. Four languages available : English and English with French/Spanish or Russian subtitles

Reveal your talent

Learn to dance salsa beginners and advanced

Session 1 - Essentials


Essential! This is the video you should definitely see first as it describes the essence of our method. You learn to create an impeccable connection and this results in efficient, minimalist and delicate guiding. The absolute basis for all dancers to acquire a solid and convincing technique.

Duration 1h53 - English version - $ 24,99

Salsa classes for beginners

Session 2 - Cuban Salsa : the 6 basic movements

Direct application of the first session, you will build and perform the 6 basic movements of Cuban salsa with technique and finesse. All errors are ruthlessly dissected and resolved by applying the fundamental principles of connection, guiding, and anatomical sequencing. Your way of approaching dance is already much more professional, your critical sense is refined and your progress is accelerated. You create automatisms. The method becomes a daily habit and a solid support.

Durée 2h02 - English version - $ 24,99

Cuban salsa for beginners

Session 3 - Cuban Salsa: 10 Combinations

Your basics are now well built. You are ready to tackle more elaborate moves. We offer you a panel of 10 moves that cover most of the technical difficulties that you may encounter, even in the most ambitious choreographies. Among them, one of my favorites is the "Copelia Kiss", in which we will analyze all the subtleties. You will go beyond the classic guiding stage and gradually dive into the refinements of professional guiding.

Duration 2h17 - English version - $ 24,99

Cuban salsa intermediate and advanced levels

Session 4 - Los-Angeles Style Salsa: The 6 basic movements

I love LA-style salsa. The practice of this discipline does not tolerate approximation. You will learn how to apply the teachings of session 1 to the basics of LA-style salsa. This step is crucial. If you rigorously apply our method, you will have sound and solid foundations that will allow you to perform the most ambitious choreographies later. You will be amazed by the details that you will observe and by the subtleties that you will be able to develop even on simple movements. At the end of this video, you will have perfectly assimilated the method and you will use this as the base for your future learnings.

Duration 1h18 - English version - $ 24,99

LA-style salsa classes for beginners

Philippe Schauner, the author, his method and innovative teaching

Hello, I'm Philippe Schauner, salsa teacher and principal choreographer at Salsamove Salsa School in Paris. I have developed a professional method "Salsa Connections ©" to teach you how to dance salsa in an professional way. I have built my teachings on a natural phenomenon: CONNECTION. It is thanks to the creation of an impeccable connection between partners that you can quickly master the most complex moves and manage your interactions through reflex guiding.

Philippe Schauner Salsamove Principal Coach and Choreographer

The methods detailed in the 4 "Salsa Connections" videos explain very precisely what connection is, and how to make it a decisive asset to become a dancer who masters his art. I show you that, whatever the combination envisaged, it is only the result of a series of elementary patterns, always the same, combined with universal mechanical and physiological principles within everyone's reach.

I will teach you to make precise guiding of rare finesse, and to interpret them without any hesitation. Gradually, you will become a real movement analyst. You will be able to detect the slightest technical fault and provide a solid and convincing response. We will reveal the secrets of the finest professionals: you will push your limits in technique, comfort, speed and choreographic ambition. Your partners will just love it and will be impressed! It's not difficult, just rigorous and precise. So go for it, believe in your potential to reveal your talent!


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